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The popularity of home theaters has been on the rise in recent years, and with good reason. Having a Home Theater, also known as a home cinema or a theater room, gives residents and their guests a place to enjoy a full cinematic experience from the comfort of their own homes. Because every house is different, so is every home cinema. Some families have the space to create dedicated theater rooms, while others turn multi-purpose rooms into viewing areas. To complicate matters further, some people use their home theaters primarily for viewing movies, while others also use them for playing video games, listening to music, and other purposes.

A good Home Theater installation company will take all of a client's preferences into account. These experts offer more than just TV mounting, although that is a critical piece of the home cinema puzzle. They can also install Surround Sound systems and tweak everything to make sure the full package will suit the family's needs perfectly.

Where to Put a Home Cinema

The first thing homeowners should ask themselves is where they will put their new home cinemas. If there's no space for a dedicated theater room, think about whether the theater could be installed in the living room, or even in the backyard, and don't be afraid to embrace multi-purpose spaces.

Basements are by far the most popular area for installing full home theaters. They're already isolated and dark, which makes it easier to control lighting and optimize sound performance, and most basements don't see much use beyond storage. Starting from scratch with a recently finished basement gives homeowners the chance to get every detail right.

TVs vs. Projectors

Theater Projector Casting Blue Light

Both wall-mounted big-screen TVs and dedicated projectors are great options for home theaters, but each of them has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. As a general rule, projectors are best for rooms that already have large white walls that can be used as screens and for backyard theaters. Hidden projectors that drop down from the ceiling are all the rage these days, although they are more expensive than most televisions.

In smaller rooms or areas with less lighting control, a wall-mounted TV is usually a better fit. The screen may be smaller, but that's a benefit in a small theater room or home cinema, not a drawback. Today's big-screen TVs are also more technologically advanced and less expensive than their predecessors of even a few years past, so investigate options before ruling out this solution.


Sound Systems

7.1 Surround Sound

Every home cinema can benefit from having a Surround Sound system. However, homeowners still need to think about a few other factors, such as what type of speakers they want, where they'll be placed, and how many of them there will be. A good home cinema installer will be happy to help clients figure out the best sound configurations to meet their needs and can also calibrate the audio to suit residents' preferences.

There's another consideration homeowners should take into account when it comes to sound, especially in dedicated theater rooms. These small rooms can create issues with echoing and poor sound quality, even with the best speaker system installed. Insulating the space, adding acoustic tiles, or even laying down a carpet on the floor can all help to reduce unwanted echoes and allow the sound system to perform at its best.

Getting the sound system right isn't just about purchasing high-quality speakers. The audio will also need to be optimized to suit the home cinema's intended purpose. Audio engineers and equipment installers can do this by:

  • Using low-frequencies to create smoother, tighter bass sounds.
  • Optimizing subwoofer and seat placement.
  • Ensuring that both direct and reflected sounds are clear.
  • Organizing the system appropriately to replicate a cinema design for high-quality sound output.

Wiring Tips and Tricks

No home moviegoer wants to worry about tripping over wires, and homeowners generally prefer to keep them hidden from view completely. There are a few options for keeping wires out of the way. The best of them is to install a wireless system.

Wireless home theaters are more expensive than installing a home cinema with traditionally wired equipment, but for some families, they're worth the extra cost. There will be no need to worry about hiding wires beneath rugs or behind furniture to impress guests, and no one will trip over wires that don't exist. Plus, for homeowners that can't stand the thought of marring an otherwise perfect home cinema with even a single exposed wire, buying wireless equipment is usually less expensive than making the substantial renovations required to run wires behind walls and ceilings.

Not interested in investing in a wireless system? There are a few ways to keep everything clean and tidy. The installers can bundle the wires together and place them in discreet tubing around the edges of the room, or they can conceal cables by running them through the attic and into the walls.

Professional vs. DIY Installations

Some homeowners assume that they can cut corners and keep their budgets low by installing their own home theaters using DIY kits. Unfortunately, few of them have the knowledge and expertise required to optimize sound quality and ensure that the whole system gets put together correctly. DIY home cinema kits aren't usually built to the same quality standards as individual components.

Homeowners are always best-off hiring professionals for their installations. Unless they have tons of time on their hands, it's also best to trust expert home cinema installers with providing advice during the design phase. Remember, these professionals know everything there is to know about home cinema components. It's their job.

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